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St. Ives Scrub-Free Exfoliating Pads Review
Cheap Thrills, Complexion, Reviews, Skin Care - November 20th, 2012

I’m a little late to this party, but I finally picked up a tub of the St. Ives Scrub-Free Exfoliating Pads to try out. I’ve been interested in these for a while, since I always love AHA-based exfoliants, and these are really inexpensive. I’m really pleased with them!

The Scrub-Free Exfoliating pads are a small cloth disk, pre-moistened with an alpha hydroxy complex to gently exfoliate the skin. The scrub-free part is because they don’t use physical exfoliators, but rather the chemical peel action of the AHAs. They are meant to be used as a second step after cleansing your skin – I use them instead of a toner. St. Ives says they release dull skin and impurities while leaving healthy, fresh skin intact. They contain fruit extracts and moisturizing vitamin E help skin feel soft and smooth.

The first thing I like is the pads don’t contain alcohol. So many of the exfoliating pads that I’ve tried contain alcohol, which is just too harsh and drying for my skin. The third ingredient is actually glycerin, which is a humectant that will draw moisture to your skin. The lack of alcohol does mean that your face remains damp for a minute or two, rather than drying within seconds. I don’t find this problematic, but it’s worth mentioning. Once they are dry, your face feels clean, no film or stickiness or weirdness like that. You can go on to the next step in your skin care routine.

I was suffering from some lingering hormonal breakouts when I started using these which cleared up very quickly, and healed with less redness than usual. Score! My face feels smooth and soft. They are quite mild, so I’m guessing they won’t be too much for sensitive skin. They do have a fragrance, but it’s not overpowering. They don’t sting my skin at all, like other AHA products I’ve tried, so I think they’re pretty mild. The directions indicate you can use them twice a day. I’ve just been using them once a day, but that’s because I’m lazy. I bet I’d see even better results if I actually used them twice a day.

They are under $5 for 60 pads, so reasonably inexpensive. I think they’re a great alternative to toner in a skincare routine!

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