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EOTD: Burnt Turkey Meow
Eyeshadow - November 23rd, 2012

This was Thanksgiving’s eye makeup, and naturally I HAD to use one of my favorite Meow Cosmetics’ colors – Burnt Turkey. It’s from the 12 Pains of Xmas collection, and I like it enough I bought a full-size two years ago. Let me take a moment to say that the holiday time is MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR FOR MEOW COLORS. (My second favorite is Halloween.) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Meow’s holiday collections, and am powerless to resist ordering more each year.

The lid color is Joy, from the Holiday Wishes collection. Joy is a golden color with some red sparks going on. It’s another one of my Meow full sizes. Burnt Turkey is a metallic charcoal with umber and gold iridescent undertone, which I used in the crease. It’s soooo pretty, one of my favorite dark brown type colors. I used Faye, from Black Rose Minerals to highlight. The eyeliner is Benefit’s Bad Gal Kohl Pencil.

I used Detrivore Cosmetics’ Thing blush. Thing is a shimmery peach blush, very very flattering. Today (November 23rd) only, Detrivore is offering 50% off, so GO GO GO!

The lipstick is Awake Cosmetics’ Autumn Red.

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