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Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle Review
Home Scents, Reviews - November 23rd, 2012

I received a box of goodies from Influenster, and it included a mini candle from Bath & Body Works. Unfortunately, the scent I received was not by bag, baby, BUT! That same day there was special offer on BBW’s Facebook page for a free mini-candle, so it was an opportunity to grab a scent I DO like! While I was there, I used another coupon I had for half off a 3-wick candle, so I got one of those too.

The mini-candles are pretty awesome. They are cheap, $3.50 normally, but almost always on some kind of sale. They have a 10-15 hour burn time, and throw a ton of scent for something so small. I love the mini-candles because you can try lots of different scents without spending a lot of money. If you find a scent you really love, then you can buy one of the bigger candles.

The 3-wick candles are MONSTERS. They are really powerful, and ideal for scenting a multiple-room area. They are $20 full price, but again, they seem to always have some kind of sale or deal, so don’t pay full price. I love 3-wick candles because they burn for a long time (30-45 hours officially).

I bought Winter Night (pictured), which is a lovely, spicy scent. The official notes are fir tree, warm cypress and clove bud, with a touch of calm cedar and incense. I love it. I also bought Winter, which blends pine needles, fir balsam and winter woods. Other scents that are on my “gee I should try this” list include Marshmallow Fireside, Peppermint Mocha, and Cranberry Bellini.

The scent I didn’t like? Mahogany Teakwood. It smells like generic man cologne to me, and not in a good way. I’m probably going to drop it in someone’s stocking, lol.

Anyway, I really like Bath & Body Works’ candles, and recommend them for home fragrance!

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