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Gillette Venus Embrace: Still The Best
Best Of, Body Care - December 14th, 2012

A couple of years ago, I reviewed the Gillette Venus Embrace razor and declared it my holy grail razor. I was devoted, until earlier this year when Schick introduced their Hydro Silk razor, and due to an excellent coupon, I was induced to switch.

I thought I had convinced myself that I preferred the Hydro Silk. There are two things about it that I like better than the Venus Embrace. The first is the blade refills are cheaper, usually like a buck cheaper for five refills versus a dollar MORE for FOUR Embrace refills. The second thing is the little suction cup thingy to hang your razor on kicks the pants off the stupid pod thinger that the Embrace comes with. I hated that pod thingy, it was really large and mostly just served to collect mildew in my shower.

Then, Influenster included a Venus Embrace razor in the Cosmo VoxBox which I received, and, well… Oh man. In a head to head test, I vastly prefer the Venus Embrace. Yes, it’s more expensive. But the Hydro Silk suction cup thingy works with the Venus Embrace, so that problem is solved. Also, it looks like some of the other Venus razors come with a better hanger, AND you can use ANY Venus refill on any Venus handle, so just buy the version that comes with the best hanger and you’re set.

My preference for the Venus Embrace can be summed up by three things. One, the swivel on the head is better, which means a more comfortable shave over my chubby legs. Two, the blade rinses easier and faster. Three, the blades seem to lie flatter somehow, which also means a more comfortable shave for me. Basically, in a head to head comparison, I fully remember why I loved this razor for three years. Sorry, Hydro Silk.

Moral of this story: stick with your holy grail. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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One Response to “Gillette Venus Embrace: Still The Best”

  1. eight says:

    Love the Venus razors, especially the Breeze because I hate dealing with shaving cream. I had a couple samples of the Hydro Silk and it was alright but it nicked my legs :(