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Eccentric Cosmetics Eyeshadows!
Etsy, Eyeshadow, Reviews - December 20th, 2012

Eccentric Cosmetics is a new-to-me company that’s been on Etsy for about a year and a half now. Since I’ve been on a budget I haven’t really been checking out new companies, since I can blow my entire budget every time my current favorite companies come out with new stuff. Luckily for me, the owner of Eccentric Cosmetics is super-nice and sent some samples my way for me to swatch and review for you! Woot!

I have ten colors to show you. We’re all going to pretend like my swatches don’t suck, ok? I can’t wait to try these on my eyeballs because they are SO PRETTY and I think they’re going to look awesome in use. The swatches are over primer, taken indoors with flash, which washed them out a little bit from real life.

First up we have Galactic Era. It’s pretty! It’s a warm brown with scatterings of silver, and gold sparks. Oceanic Expedition is HOLY MOLY awesome. It’s a navy blue color with gold, and purple sparks. Robot Takeover is a subtle silver sheen over a light navy blue base, with purple sparks. The sparks in this one are awesome with the light blue. Digital Love is much more complex than it looks in my swatch. It has a light pink base that changes to a deep pink, and a warm lilac purple. The sparkling highlights changes from aqua to green depending upon the lighting, and the angle.

Progressive Adaptation is another great color that is more complex than it looks. It has a chocolate brown base with blue sheen that changes to a subtle purple sheen depending upon the angle, and the lighting. Biological Manipulation is ZOMG in person. It’s a metallic coppery rose that shifts to metallic golden sheen over a olive green base. WHOA. It’s super-pretty and very unique. Higgs Boson is yellow, so it’s not really my bag. BUT! It’s also really interesting and complex, with an acid yellow base and a green/purple/aqua highlight. Artificial Intelligence is a purplish red shifting to a coppery orange, that transforms to a golden green, depending upon the angle.

Planetary Living is a light baby blue which shifts to a glowing green, then transform to shimmering pink sheen. I love the icy blue color! Extinction Revival is a rich warm red with metallic green sheen, filled with gold sparkles. Love it!

I really like the eyeshadow formula. It’s very smooth and nicely blendable (I have done one eye look with it so far), and had great wear over primer. I personally would use a sticky base like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and primer for best results, especially if you want all the little sparkles to stick around. I found the colors applied a bit on the sheer side over bare skin alone. My most favorite colors of the bunch are Digital Love, Biological Manipulation, Oceanic Expeditions, and Extinction Revival. They are all very pretty and unique, interesting colors, however, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

The prices for a 5 gram jar are reasonable for indie eyeshadow, at $6 AUS. The company is located in Australia, so the biggest obstacle will be the cost of shipping from Australia, currently around $13 USD for an order containing full-size eyeshadows. The cost of sending samples is a lot lower, around $3 USD to the US. I would maybe ask about combining an order with a friend in order to split the cost of shipping full sizes. They’re definitely worth it!

Overall, I’m happy to recommend Eccentric Cosmetics! The colors are pretty and fun, and the owner is really nice!

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2 Responses to “Eccentric Cosmetics Eyeshadows!”

  1. Luna says:

    Pretty colors! =]