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EOTD: Crocodilia Cetacea
Eyeshadow - May 13th, 2013

It seems like whenever I go for the dramatic lately, I reach for Detrivore Cosmetics’ Cetacea. It’s such a great blue color. It seemed like the done thing to pair it with a greenish color this time, so I grabbed Crocodilia, also from Detrivore. It must be the blue hair, it makes me want to wear blue eyeshadow.

I used Crocodilia on the lid. Crocodilia is a dark teal satin eye shadow with heavy sparkle. I put Cetacea in the crease. Cetacea is a dense purplish blue satin eye shadow. It has blue, purple, red, and pink shimmer. I used Shiro Cosmetics’ Finkelstein to highlight. Finkelstein is a sheer creamy white with turquoise sparkle, and an intense aqua sheen. (It was from the Halloween collection.) I used Physician’s Formula kohl eyeliner on the upper lashline and the lower waterline.

I didn’t use blush for this, but rather Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear Bronzer. I’ve been hooked on this bronzer lately. It must be all the sunny weather we’ve been having. It’s an SPF 50 product, but personally I don’t think you’re going to put enough on your face to matter, from a sun protection point of view. But it’s a great every day bronzer.

I forgot to put lip stuff on before I took the picture. Doh.

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