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Badger Argan Hair Oil Review
Hair Care, Reviews - May 18th, 2013

I’m back to abusing my hair regularly. I get the color refreshed every three weeks so it stays (mostly) dark blue. This does make it a bit dry and unhappy. I decided to try something new, a hair oil, to see if it would help keep my hair healthy and more shiny. I bought Badger’s Argan Hair Oil, and have been giving it a go.

The Argan Hair Oil also contains baobab oil, jojoba oil, and an essential blend that includes bergamot, sandalwood, and orange essential oils. It smells GREAT!! The instructions indicate that you should apply the oil to damp hair. I personally don’t want oil on my head during the day, so I’m a rebel and apply it at night. I use about a pump and a half, and spread it through my hair, concentrating at the scalp and roots. You can get redirected here for hair treatments specially for you !

I have noticed that my hair seems less dry and crispy since I started using the oil before bed each night. It washes out cleanly the next morning, so my hair isn’t greasy during the day. My¬†beautiful hair seems a lot happier than it has in the past when I’ve abused it this much, so I think this oil has been good for it.

The lovely orange-y scent also makes it a great body oil. I’ve been using it after my shower once in a while and I really like it all over my skin. I want to try some of Badger’s other body oils now. The Argan Hair Oil gets two thumbs up!

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