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Beautyfix Review: Bella Bronze Self Tanner
Body Care, Sun Care - May 11th, 2009

Bella BronzeMy name is Claire and I am a self-tanning newbie. When I was a kid, my Mexican heritage meant all the running around outdoors I did year round meant I was always very tanned. As a high-school student I still spent enough time outdoors to be reasonably tan most of the time. As an adult though, my time outside is more limited, and I’ve discovered the anti-aging virtues of sunscreen. The result? Really White Legs. It ain’t pretty.

Okay, I guess I’m not a TOTAL newbie because I did try that Jergen’s Natural Glow stuff a few years ago, but gave it up when I wasn’t seeing much color after a few days. Also, I didn’t like the smell.  Fast foward a few years, and now I’m dipping a toe (and leg) into the self-tanning arena. I’m tired of having such white legs!

My first foray is with Bella Bronze Golden Chamomile & Goat’s Milk Self Tanner, the self-tanner included in this quarter’s Beautyfix kit. It has a very nice ingredient list, including such goodies as shea butter, goat’s milk, and other botanical extracts. First, I made sure to exfoliate in the shower prior to applying the product. My exfoliator of choice right now is Body Deli’s Almond Joy Body Scrub, because of the superior formula and delectable scent.

Next, I applied the lotion pretty sparingly on my legs from the tops of my feet to the mid-thigh. Being the total n00b that I am, I am guessing I was TOO sparing with the product, because after 2-3 hours there wasn’t much difference in color. I was afraid of turning out orange, but clearly this is a very forgiving product. On day 2, I used a more generous amount of lotion, and actually got a LITTLE color after 2 hours. Enough to be noticeable, but still subtle. On day 3 I applied the same amount as day 2, and the result is a really nice light golden shade. There is no orange, and no streaks. Success!

I skipped using the self-tanner today, opting instead for regular lotion. While it is not promoted as a gradual self-tanner (like the Jergens and other “daily” tanners), it seems to behave a lot like one, which is fine with me. My major concern as a newbie is going overboard and ending up with an unnaturally dark color, so I like this more gradual building of color.

The lotion is very silky and smells pretty good – rather citrusy. It’s $26 a tube, a bit pricey, but I really like the formula so it might be worth it to me to re-purchase. Two thumbs up!

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2 Responses to “Beautyfix Review: Bella Bronze Self Tanner”

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