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The Body Shop Eau de Toilettes: Cheap & Cheerful
Cheap Thrills, Perfume, Reviews - Comments (4) - September 1st, 2013

The Body Shop is often my go-to place for fun smelling stuff that is a step up in quality from drugstore, but not too pricey. They started carrying eau de toilettes in fragrances that matched their ever-popular body butters, like Moringa, Brazil Nut, Strawberry, etc. At only $14 each, they’re a fun, cheap thrill to wear simple, yet pleasant scents.

I recently snagged Brazil Nut and Mango, two of my favorite body butter scents. The Brazil Nut EDT smells like waffle cones! It’s a yummy, gourmand scent. The lasting power isn’t great (about 2 hours at most) but that’s about what I’d expect for under twenty bucks. It lasts a little longer on clothing.

The Mango EDT is tangy and fruity and fresh, almost a bit pine-y, just like a real mango. It also is light on the lasting power.

Overall, I think these are a fun addition to The Body Shop’s fragrance lineup. I suspect they would last longer if you layered them over the body butters.

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EOTD: Chimera Skink
Eyeshadow - Comments (2) - November 11th, 2012

Sooo… the only reason this hasn’t been posted yet is because I am not 100% positive which Shiro Cosmetics color I used. DOH. Anyway, this was pre-pinkeye, so it’s about three weeks old. I’m really happy with how it came out though, so I still wanted to use it. It’s (probably) Chimera, with an old favorite Black Rose Minerals color.

The lid color is Skink, from Black Rose Minerals. Skink is one of my favorite neutral taupe-y colors to use. Skink is a champagne-y pinky-beige color. I’m almost positive the crease color is Shiro’s Chimera – a tarnished gold and silver shimmer over a blackened background. (It could be Homunculus, that’s the other possibility.) Either way, they’re both freaking awesome and you should get them! The highlight is Detrivore’s Lobotomy, my favorite sheer gold color. I used a dark brown eyeliner.

The blush is from The Body Shop, a discontinued pale rose color. The lip balm is from Burt’s Bees, their Tinted Lip Balm in Honeysuckle. This is a great color for a sheer nude lip. I really like their tinted lip balms, they have a nice texture, pretty colors, and aren’t made with the attack-strength peppermint oil that their regular lip balm has.

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EOTD: Stage Door
Eyeshadow - Comments (2) - September 12th, 2012

Whenever I travel, I usually bring the Fresh Stage Door palette with me. The colors are versatile, and the palette has a large mirror. Double duty! These aren’t the best pictures, but the makeup came out rather nice for travel makeup, so I decided to blog it anyway.

The Stage Door Palette isn’t being made anymore, but there are some pretty pictures of it here.

I used Stage Door, a nude shimmering mauve on the lid, and Evening Cloak, a blue grey with gold shimmer, in the crease. The highlight is Night Orchid, a shimmering champagne ivory. I used a Physician’s Formula Organic Wear pencil to line (it looks like they’ve discontinued the color, it was navy).

On my cheeks I have a Body Shop RoseFlower blush. The lip color is Tokidoki Gelato Lip Balm Stain in Carina.

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EOTD: Hello Kitty Day
Eyeshadow - Comments (2) - January 28th, 2012

My friend Luna at Toxid-Lotus issued a Makeup Challenge on her blog, so I decided it would be fun to participate. This week’s challenge is Hello Kitty. Rather than trying for classic hello kitty (which is white, red, and yellow to me) I figured I’d just shoot for cute and girly and see where I landed.

I decided to pull out lonely, forgotten makeup for this, so all the eyeshadow is Urban Decay. I have the Ammo Eyeshadow Palette, which in my opinion is still one of the best things they’ve done. 10 colors, all the best ones. This is often the only eyeshadow palette I’ll take with me if I’m traveling, because it’s so versatile. Hey, I should do a 5 Things Best Palettes post one of these days, hmmm…

Anyway. Today I used Shattered (bright green/blue shift) in the inner corners. Grifter (lavender with lots of silver microglitter) went in the middle part of the lid, as well as under the lower lashline. A dab of Last Call (plum punch) went in the outer corners. The black crease color is Oil Slick (black with silver glitter) and the highlight is Polyester Bride (white with silver glitter). I used a Milani eye pencil on the upper lashline.

With all this eye action going on, I used a soft pink powder on my cheeks. It’s actually one of the Hello Kitty MAC beauty powders, with a tiny bit of a Body Shop blush.

It seemed like bright fuchsia lips would be the thing, although now they seem a little clash-y. Oh well. The lipstick is Sephora Rouge Lips in Mr. Lover (R10). It’s a great formula and color, nonetheless.

Right now, I’m blonde. It’s not my favorite thing. I bleached my hair yesterday, and then decided I should get a haircut BEFORE re-dyeing it purple so the stylist wouldn’t have purple hands from the dye. She thanked me, lol, but I didn’t feel like sitting with dye on my hair for hours today so I’m still blonde. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like doing it…

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EOTD: Soiled Topiary
Cheap Thrills, Eyeshadow, Hot Lips - Comments Off - January 6th, 2012

I purchased some of Detrivore Cosmetics’ new colors recently, and used one of them here. Last time I was in Fred Meyer I also snagged an Essence Lipstick to try, because, well, CHEAP! It was under $3. It doesn’t really match the dark brown eyeshadow I did, but oh well. I like baby pink lipstick. LOL!

Topiary is a light brown taupe with white shimmer. This is a great taupe shade! I’m kind of addicted to ALL THE TAUPES! The dark brown is Soiled, an amazingly rich dark brown color with silvery sparkles. I used a sticky base to make sure the sparkles really showed up, although of course you can see them in the picture. DOH! I also used Soiled with a wet brush for eyeliner. You can kind of tell it’s sparkly. Lobotomy is the highlight color.

The blush is a discontinued pink from The Body Shop. The lipstick is Essence Cosmetics lipstick in Prom Night. It’s an awesome baby pink color, just a little bit frosty but not too frosty. The formula is nice, it’s moisturizing but not particularly sheer. This picture is one swipe on the top lip, one on the bottom. It has pretty good wearing power too! Not bad for a super-cheapo lippie, I’ll have to get a few more I think.

Just FYI, Detrivore Cosmetics has a 10 eyeshadows for $20 and 3 eyeshadows for $10 sale going right now! It’s on until January 30!

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5 Things: Favorite Perfumes From 2011
5 Things, Best Of, Perfume - Comments Off - December 10th, 2011

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, so sorry! Other things were cropping up this week to distract me and I also wasn’t feeling very pretty.

I bought a fair amount of perfume this year (and wanted a fair amount more…) so here is a short list of my five favorite scents from 2011. Some of these are limited edition, so if you want to try them you’ll have to hurry.

In no particular order:

1. The Body Shop White Musk Libertine is such a creamy, soft scent. I’m really happy I bought it. It’s a good year-round scent, never too heavy or overwhelming.

2. Balenciaga Paris was a big splurge this year. The peppery violet notes are very feminine and beautiful though, like the perfume equivalent of a cashmere sweater.

3. L’Occitane Immortelle de Corse is the perfect winter scent. It’s warm, vanilla-y, but also spicy and just a teensy bit floral.

4. Lush Imogen Rose is a luscious, rich rose fragrance with baby powder overtones. It is KNOCK YOU DOWN strong, so a little goes a loooong way.

5. Lavanila Pure Vanilla is my current favorite vanilla perfume. It’s easy to wear, never too strong, and lasts for a reasonably long time.

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Speaking of Vanilla…
Best Of, Perfume - Comments Off - November 11th, 2011

Reviewing Lavanila Pure Vanilla reminds me of some of my other favorite vanilla perfumes. Some of these I own, and some I’ve just tried in stores and lust after, but they’re all memorable in some way.

First is Laurence Dumont Vanille Gingembre. This is such a fascinating fragrance, with a sharp top note that’s almost pine-like, that warms up to the spicy ginger notes and the sweet vanilla. The official notes are anise, milk, ginger, red fruits, coconut, floral bouquet, vanilla, vetiver, and white musk. Officially, it seems that Vanille Gingembre is discontinued. However, the notes for Vanille Bourbon are very, very similar. I haven’t smelled it, but I bet it would be a suitable replacement.

I also really love La Maison de la Vanille’s Vanille Divine des Tropiques. This one is vanilla with a lot of tropical flowers tossed in, so it’s definitely not a dessert-y vanilla at all. The official notes are vanilla, tuberose, hyacinth, jasmine, heliotrope, gardenia, and aldehyde. There are several other vanilla’s in the lineup from La Maison de la Vanille, so you should get the little set if you want to try them all.

The Vanilla Eau de Toilette from The Body Shop is probably the most affordable vanilla I’ve tried. However, let’s face it, the low price means probably not the best quality. However, if you want a nice, sweet sturdy vanilla to use liberally, this one is a great value. It’s sweeter than most.

I just adore both of the vanilla fragrances from Pacifica Perfume. The first, Vanilla Vera Cruz, is almost savory compared to other vanilla scents. I guess you’d call it dry as opposed to sweet. It has subtle floral notes, in addition to a Mexican vanilla and vanilla bean scent. The newer vanilla is called Island Vanilla and it’s much sweeter than Vanilla Vera Cruz. It has some jasmine and tea notes in addition to a sweeter Tahitian vanilla. I love them both, and wish I owned them both. Someday, perhaps…

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The Body Shop White Musk Libertine Perfume
Cheap Thrills, Perfume, Reviews - Comments Off - October 25th, 2011

The Body Shop had their Friends & Family sale over the weekend, so I bought a new perfume: White Musk Libertine. I’ve been wanting this since I smelled it in the store a few weeks ago. It’s another variation on their classic White Musk fragrance. I’ve been known to enjoy the other flankers (here and here), but it’s been a few years.

I think based on the display in the store that White Musk Libertine is meant as an homage to The Body Shop’s British roots. It’s more of a gourmand fragrance, with notes of musk, Turkish delight, baby orchid and Chantilly cream. It has a certain something that reminds me of something, but I can’t put my finger on it. It has a certain earthiness that you don’t encounter often in recent perfumery, and it’s also a bit powdery and floral. I find it quite pleasing and while it’s gourmand, it’s not foodie at all.

I bought the Eau de Parfum concentration, which has pretty decent staying power on my skin. It dries down to a soft musky sweet scent. Overall, I’m quite pleased with this variation on the White Musk theme.

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