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EOTD: Go Go Linnaeus!
Eyeshadow, Shopping - Comments Off - November 26th, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics has reopened for the weekend to have a sale! Marin has been very busy with school, but this weekend (and this weekend only!) you can get full size Linnaeus Cosmetics’ 5 gram shadows for $4! I had to use some LC eyeshadows today to celebrate. I’m wearing Go Go Flamingo and Truculent today.

Go Go Flamingo is a shimmery light pink. It’s one of my favorite baby pinks around, and has a lovely blendable texture. Truculent is a dark lavender with pink glitter. It’s super pretty! I used Crimson Ghost from Fyrinnae to highlight.

I’m wearing Bokeh Face Lotus blush mixed with Present from Meow Cosmetics. The lipstick is Style Curve from MAC.

I published this and then almost forgot! I wanted to start adding Perfume of the Day to these posts because I don’t talk about perfume as much as I’d like. So… today’s perfume is Pasticceria from One Hand Washes The Other. Pasticceria has notes of marzipan, hazelnut, almonds, vanilla, cakes, assorted pastries, frosting, and pure sugar.

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EOTD: Tickle Me Raspberries
Eyeshadow - Comments Off - November 12th, 2011

Today I decided to use more pink, because I’ve been in a pink mood. I’m using two colors that I haven’t mentioned often, just because the Etsy store they came from was closed for a long time. It’s back, but it looks like she might be closing shop again, because everything is 50% off. I used Tickle Me Pink and Rasberry Trouffles, which appears to no longer be available. They are from Lumiere et Alouette.

Tickle Me Pink is a pretty baby pink color, with some nice shimmer to it. It’s nice and blendable, and also makes a nice cheek highlighter if you apply it with a fluffy brush. Raspberry Trouffles is a chocolate brown with a raspberry glow. It’s one of those not purple not brown but somewhere in between colors. It makes a nice crease color and blends really well with Tickle Me Pink. I used Glass Slipper, from Bokeh Face, to highlight.

The blush color is Lotus, from Bokeh Face, another company that seems to be gone. Today must be Going Going Gone day, lol. I also brushed Tickle Me Pink on my cheeks as well. I’m wearing Rose Tourmaline Lip Shimmer from Badger Balm, a “my lips but better” color that’s also really moisturizing.

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EOTD: Poseidon & Pisces
Eyeshadow, Hot Lips - Comments Off - September 18th, 2011

I felt like doing something blue today, so I pulled out a lovely color from Black Rose Minerals, Poseidon. I used Pisces from Madd Style Cosmetics for the gold duochrome, because I really like blue and gold together.

Poseidon is a teal base with a high shimmer finish and turquoise glitter. Pisces is a light aquamarine with a warm gold duochrome filled with lots of gold and silver holographic glitter. They work really nicely together, since both formulas are really blendable and smooth. I used Glass Slipper from Bokeh Face to highlight.

I’m wearing a Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Very Happy Berry. I heard a rumour that the Lip Lustres might come back. That would be very exciting!!

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EOTD: Ectoplasm & Thing
Eyeshadow - Comments Off - August 22nd, 2011

Today I wanted to do something different, so I picked Ectoplasma from Detrivore Cosmetics to use on my eyes. Because it was a work day, I decided to pair it with a nice neutral, Glass Slipper from Bokeh Face. I also tried out the blush called Thing from Detrivore, as well, from my recent 3 for $10 blush sale purchase.

Ectoplasma (no longer available, happy I got it when I did!) is a nice lime green color with a bit of a yellowish tone to it. Glass Slipper is a pale ivory color with a lot of sparkle. It makes a nice neutral base for other colors, which is why I really like it.

The blush called Thing is awesome. It’s a pale peachy color that’s somewhat shimmery. It’s not a LOT shimmery though, not to fear. It applies really evenly and looks really natural on my skin. I can see wearing this ALL THE TIME. It’s a great color.

I definitely need to hit up Detrivore’s 10 for $20 eyeshadow sale and 3 for $10 blush sale one more time before it ends September 2nd!

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EOTD: Marooned
Eyeshadow - Comments Off - June 12th, 2011

I love Morgana Cryptoria’s Marooned eyeshadow. It’s discontinued, but still available last time I looked. It’s a great maroon color with sparkly bits. I paired it with Madd Style Cosmetics’ Pixie (purple with gold sparkles) and Evil Shades’ White Witch.

All of these colors are quite sparkly, so Pixie Epoxy (which may or may not be in stock…) is a definite must for making them stay in place and not fall all over your face.

Cheeks are Bokeh Face Lotus Blush. Lips are MAC Lipglass from the Wonder Woman collection.

I really love purple eyeshadows. What is your favorite purple?

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EOTD: Pink & Green
Eyeshadow - Comments (1) - April 17th, 2011

I’m not really sure what to think of today’s EOTD. It came out a little different than I was expecting. I used Sweet Pea from Black Rose Minerals and Ubiquitous Suspicions from Morgana Cryptoria (it’s new!). Sweet Pea is a pretty purply-pink (my description) and Ubiquitous Suspicions is an awesome limey-green.

Can I just say how much I love both of these eyeshadow formulas? They’re both new to me, and so far, neither one has disappointed me. They are pigmented, smooth as silk, and very vibrant. I don’t have to go nuts with layering to get the color to pop.

I also used We’re All Mad Here from Fyrinnae wet, as eyeliner. Bokeh Face Lotus Blush is on my cheeks, and lips are MAC Lipglass in Fab Fun.

Well… is it just TOO weird, or does it look okay?

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EOTD: Pink. Purple. Orange.
Eyeshadow, Makeup Fun - Comments (6) - April 5th, 2011

I asked for suggestions for today’s makeup on Twitter, and Luna suggested pink and purple and orange. So… today I bring you Pink and Purple and Orange! LOL.

I’m wearing Torch from Meow Cosmetics in the inner corners. I really LOVE this color! I must get a full-size next time Rainforest goes on sale. The pink color is Chaotic Evil from Fyrinnae, a BRIGHT sparkly pink color. The purple is Fyrinnae’s Parental Advisory, which is a somewhat-matte very vibrant purple. I love it, but it is a HUGE PITA to work with. Even with Pixie Epoxy, it doesn’t want to share it’s toys or play well with others. (It’s hard to blend.)

The face picture was taken outside and doesn’t really do a good job at all of showing the eye makeup. But I feel like it’s a good picture of  a natural Claire facial expression (as opposed to the usual “hold out camera and click, try not to look weird” pictures).

Cheeks are Bokeh Face Lotus blush (told you I LOVE this color) and Meow’s Haunted Veil in Spectre. I wish I’d bought a full size Spectre – who knew I’d like blue shimmer so much?!? Lips are MAC Chatterbox lipstick.

Here’s a closer look. I’m really happy with how this came out, despite Parental Advisory being a little snotball to work with. When it works, it works AWESOME.

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EOTD & Purple Lips
Eyeshadow, Hot Lips, Makeup Fun - Comments (5) - April 4th, 2011

I was “chatting” on Twitter last night with Jasmine, and she asked to see Fyrinnae’s Fanservice Lip Luster in action. I picked today’s eyeshadow pretty much to go with the purple lips. I put it on pretty heavily for the picture, but I really don’t wear it that opaque outside the house because I think it looks a little too zombie lips for me. I might scare small children. I DO, however, wear it lightly applied over lip balm and it’s tons of fun. It’s kind of like baby pink, only it’s purple.

The eyes are Madd Style Cosmetics Pixie and Linnaeus Cosmetics Show Off. I used Pixie Epoxy to make the sparkles in Pixie really stick on. I think I’ve mentioned before how much I love purple!

The cheeks are Bokeh Face Lotus Blush, which I’m practically wearing every day because I love it so much!

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