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EOTD: Fyrinnae Friday!
Best Of, Eyeshadow - Comments (3) - November 11th, 2011

Okay, so I’m not actually starting a series called Fyrinnae Fridays, but I liked how it sounded… Anyway, I did use all Fyrinnae for today’s face, so it IS a Fyrinnae Friday today. Maybe I’ll do it again…

Fyrinnae is a company I have a love/annoy relationship with. I love their products, but it’s frustrating that their store is closed quite often. From a blogger perspective, it’s particularly frustrating not being able to link to products. Oh well. It is what it is. I like the products and will continue to recommend them, despite any frustrations with the store’s availability. I’ve learned to keep a spare Pixie Epoxy on hand – wouldn’t want to run out!

Today’s colors are Sleepy Hollow and Cupcake Sprinkles. Sleepy Hollow is described as an ocean blue with a flash of sage green and gold sparkles. It works particularly well over Pixie Epoxy, as the stickiness helps keep those gold sparkles in place. It’s a lovely color, of which I’m quite fond. Cupcake Sprinkles is an enduring favorite, being a satiny lavender with a subtle aqua shimmer (it’s almost green, to me). I’m using Nijiro to highlight, Nijiro being a wonderfully creamy crazy sparkly color. Cupcake Sprinkles and Nijiro are the two Fyrinnae colors that I’ve actually purchased in full size!

I don’t think they are nearly as well known for their blush as their eyeshadow, but Fyrinnae does make some nice blush. This color is Mesmerize, a deep berry shade without any brown to it. I had a sample of this one, and bought it in full size as well.

The lip color is Puppy Love, one of my very favorite Lip Lustres.

There you have it! Fyrinnae Friday…

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EOTD: Zombie Unicorn
Eyeshadow, Hot Lips - Comments (2) - October 20th, 2011

It’s my day off, so… FUN DAY! I used another new color from Evil Shades, and decided to get silly with my lips too. This is a good Halloween face… In addition to Evil Shades, I also used My Pretty Zombie, Morgana Cryptoria, Detrivore Cosmetics, and Fyrinnae. These are all awesome spooky-themed companies, now that I think about it…

The eyes are Zombie Girl from Evil Shades and Unicorn Pee from My Pretty Zombie. Zombie Girl is a zombie green with a pink shift. I forgot about the pink shift when I put it on – next time I’m using this with a PINK color! Regardless, it still looks awesome with Unicorn Pee, that iridescent white blue with enough multi colored glitter to make you puke! Oh how I love this color and all that glitter.

On my cheeks, I mixed Detrivore’s Poison blush with Morgana Cryptoria’s Mysterious Veil. Instant green shift! I need to get a full size of the Veil, since I’m using it all the time now.

My lips are a mix of Evil Shades’ Dragons Wing Hardcore Lips with Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Ultra Phantom. Ultra Phantom is a sheer aqua sparkle that turns to pink in different light or angles. It leans aqua on me. Dragons Wing dragon scale green with subtle gold shimmer and a silver to teal shift. I wanted to make Dragons Wing a little bit silvery, which I think I’ve accomplished. I think green is my new favorite “unusual” lip color – it looks better on me than blue.

What do you think of green lip colors?

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Black Rose Minerals’ THEO!!!
Best Of, Cat, Eyeshadow - Comments (6) - September 22nd, 2011

A while back on Twitter I mentioned how I’d rather have an Indie cosmetics company make my perfect dream color instead of a big corporate company. The lovely Rosa of Black Rose Minerals saw my tweet and offered to give it a whirl. The result is done: Theo!

What I requested was a neutral color like Skink (which I love) but with some green to it. See, I love to pair a neutral with a brighter color but all my taupe-y colors look muddy and not so pretty with greens or blues. I wanted something neutral but with something green going on so I could wear it with greens/blues. Voila! Theo. Theo has the taupe base but with a kickin’ green duochrome. IT IS FABULOUS.

Now, the name… Theo is my cat. He is also the inspiration for the color because he has some taupe-y neutral fur but these green green eyes. Yes, I’m one of those crazy cat ladies who really love their cats. Rosa is a sweetie and went with the name, and I’m really tickled about it. For those who love care your pets I recommend to visit, you will find a list of best CBD treats, I’ve included the best treat-like supplements for Theo.

This is Theo with Cyranose from Linnaeus Cosmetics. See how pretty they go together? It’s the perfect blend.

On my cheeks I have Detrivore Thing blush, and I’m wearing a Fyrinnae Lip Lustre. I HEART INDIE!!

I’m so happy with Theo! I hope lots of other people like it too! THANK YOU ROSA!!! YOU ARE SO CREATIVE AND AMAZING!!

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EOTD: Minky Skulls
Eyeshadow - Comments (1) - September 21st, 2011

I wanted to do something a little brighter than usual, so I pulled out Fyrinnae’s Sugar Skulls. I used Black Rose Minerals’ Minky to go with it, because I have a thing for pink and brown together.

First I used Pixie Epoxy on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion to make sure all the sparklies stuck really good. Sugar Skulls is a deep pink with a glimmering orange highlight. Minky is a duochrome color (mostly shifting to green) that leans brown or like a dark purple, depending on what you put it with. It’s one of my favorite colors, I really should wear it more often. I used Meow Cosmetics’ Bubble Bath to highlight.

Cheeks are Evil Shades Ceylon blush. Lips are MAC.

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EOTD: Poseidon & Pisces
Eyeshadow, Hot Lips - Comments Off - September 18th, 2011

I felt like doing something blue today, so I pulled out a lovely color from Black Rose Minerals, Poseidon. I used Pisces from Madd Style Cosmetics for the gold duochrome, because I really like blue and gold together.

Poseidon is a teal base with a high shimmer finish and turquoise glitter. Pisces is a light aquamarine with a warm gold duochrome filled with lots of gold and silver holographic glitter. They work really nicely together, since both formulas are really blendable and smooth. I used Glass Slipper from Bokeh Face to highlight.

I’m wearing a Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Very Happy Berry. I heard a rumour that the Lip Lustres might come back. That would be very exciting!!

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EOTD: Consuming Blitzen
Eyeshadow - Comments (5) - August 27th, 2011

Today I decided to do a purple and blue look. I picked one of my favorite blues, Blitzen from Meow Cosmetics, because I love the pinky-gold duochrome. I used Consume from Detrivore Cosmetics to go with it.

Blitzen is described as a golden iridescent duochrome aqua, and it’s from last years Xmas Reindeer collection. If Meow does it again this year, I will definitely be ordering more colors. It’s an awesome collection! Consume is a light but bright purple eyeshadow with shimmer. It’s very, very pretty. I love Detrivore’s eyeshadows because they are so blendable. I’m using Nijiro from Fyrinnae on the browbone.

On my cheeks is Poison blush, also from Detrivore. Poison is a perfect pale pinky color, very flattering. I really love Detrivore’s blush colors – so far all of them have been quite wearable and blendable. On my lips is Hibiscus, a Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balm.

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EOTD: Cyranose & Swoop
Eyeshadow - Comments (1) - July 19th, 2011

I am SO HAPPY to report that I got my Linnaeus Cosmetics order yesterday, which included the new Ruby Throated Hummingbird collection. I begged for a hummingbird collection, and Marin was kind enough to oblige!

First, you need the obligatory hummingbird facts.

Hummingbirds are highly specialized for obtaining nectar, so much so that their legs are so short that they cannot walk or even hop efficiently (they don’t need their legs other than for perching). What they’re lacking in the leg department, they make up for by being extremely acrobatic in flight. They can beat their wings up to 53 times in one second, hover, and fly in all directions- including backwards. Hummingbirds don’t suck nectar through their beak like a straw. Rather, they actually lap it up with a very specialized tongue. Nectar isn’t the only thing they eat; they also consume a variety of insects.

Cyranose is a dark green with a lot of green sparkle. I used Pixie Epoxy to really make it stick, and the fallout is quite minimal. Swoop is a lovely yellow-green with sparkle as well. I used Fyrinnae Nijiro to highlight and High Voltage’s Einherjer wet for eyeliner. I feel like this should have had a hit of red somewhere to really pull it together, but it’s okay for a work look as is.

As soon as I have some free time, I’ll have more Linnaeus Cosmetics swatches as well as a giveaway!

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A Meme: Using It Up
Makeup Fun - Comments (5) - June 12th, 2011

I want to start my own meme, so I’m calling this Products You Have (or have almost) Used Up. Cosmetics Junkies like myself have A TON of various products, many of which we never use up. What products do you love SO MUCH that you’ve actually finished a pot/pan/pencil/tube? Ready! Set! Go!

Eyeliner: I have almost used up a L’Oreal HiP Eyeliner in Violet Volt. I wear this multiple times a week, it seems like. Love it.

Eyeshadow: A toss-up between Fyrinnae Nijiro and Shiro Cosmetics’ Meowth, these are my candidates for eyeshadow I’m most likely to use up. I wear them multiple times a aweek.

Lipgloss: I own a ridiculous number of lipglosses. The only tube with a measurable amount of product used up is MAC Ever So Rich Cremesheen Glass, a pale lavender color that I wear a lot.

Lipstick: I also own a lot of lipstick. I haven’t finished a tube, but I wear MAC Bubblegum most often, so I’m likely to actually use that one up.

Who’s next? Share!

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