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5 Things: Kenzo For Spring
5 Things, Perfume - Comments (2) - April 16th, 2011

It is slowly, slowly creeping towards something resembling spring here in Oregon. Sort of. There’s been more rain than I’d like, so my perfume preferences are leaning heavily towards bright, fresh, and citrus, to keep me feeling cheerful. Some of my favorite perfumes are by Kenzo, and many of them have the citrus notes that cheer me up. So, here are 5 Kenzo perfumes for Spring.

1. FlowerByKenzo La Cologne is a potent blend of bergamot, petitgrain, and orange blossom layered on top of the powdery floral that is FlowerbyKenzo. I love it. The citrus takes the powder WAAAY down to tolerable levels.

2. L’Eau de KenzoAmour and KenzoAmour Florale layer the orange blossoms on top of the rice steam and powder that is KenzoAmour. The original can be heavy in warmer weather, while the flankers are perfect.

3. Eau de Fleur de Magnolia is like magnolia flower and grapefruit. It’s cheer in a bottle.

4. Kenzo Power is a men’s fragrance that I love to wear. It has an irresistible cardamom note, with bergamot, and some florals. It’s fresh, and interesting.

5. 7:15 AM In Bali is a travel retail exclusive (read: only to be found in duty free) that combines grapefruit and vanilla in a very cheerful way. I wish it was easier to find!

Daffodil image from InAweofGod’sCreation on flicker, some rights reserved.

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L’Eau de KenzoAmour Perfume
Perfume - Comments Off - February 10th, 2011

Oh Kenzo. I almost always love everything Kenzo does, and the new flanker to the original KenzoAmour is no exception. L’Eau de KenzoAmour is supposed to be a fresher version of the orignal perfume, and it definitely fits the bill. I love it!

L’Eau (for short) has notes of tea, bitter orange, peony, frangipani blossom, white musk, and vanilla. I can definitely get the tea right off, and a hint of the citrus, and then it really warms up and the rice steam aspect that I like so much in the original comes out. It’s a sweet floral, but not cloying. It wears quite well on skin, and has good staying power.

Of course you might be asking how it’s different from the last “light” version of KenzoAmour, Florale. Do you need them both? Sniffing them side by side, I’m struck by how much neroli is in Florale. It’s definitely all about the biting neroli for the first several minutes after you spray it, whereas L’Eau is sweeter and less biting in the opening. The drydown is where the similarities really start, and after several minutes I start losing track of which is which. I think L’Eau almost gets MORE citrusy as it dries down while Florale gets sweeter. It’s fascinating. So… personally I’d qualify these both as must-haves, but if the neroli in Florale was too much, L’Eau is definitely friendlier.

I think my absolute favorite is still the original KenzoAmour, but each flanker has been interesting and fun in its own right. Two Thumbs Up!

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FlowerbyKenzo La Cologne Perfume
Perfume - Comments (1) - June 4th, 2010

The original FlowerbyKenzo fragrance has always been one of those that I *want* to like but don’t. It’s just a little too nose-tickling and powdery for my taste. The new FlowerbyKenzo La Cologne takes the powder down and notch and tosses in some bitter citrus notes that balances the whole thing out perfectly for me, so I’m in love!

Traditionally, cologne is a fragrance composed of citrus and herbal notes. The new FlowerbyKenzo La Cologne takes the original FlowerbyKenzo and mixes it up with the traditional notes of bitter orange leaves, bergamot, and neroli. All together, the notes are bitter orange leaves, bergamot, orange, mandarin, rose, orange blossom, neroli, musks, and vanilla.

The perfume opens with a burst of citrus-y freshness and the sharp, biting scent of bitter orange leaves. I LOVE this scent, so this is great! The floral notes are next, the rose and orange blossom, and then it all settles on just the lightest powdery vanilla base. This is a great summer perfume, not heavy or cloying, but rather a fresh, bright, cheerful scent.

I definitely recommend checking this out if you want something different and unique. I haven’t smelled anything quite like it! Two thumbs up!

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5 Things: Happy Beauty
5 Things, Eyeshadow, Hot Lips, Nails, Perfume - Comments (1) - May 25th, 2010

I’ve got a lot of stress going on in my life right now, job stress mostly, and fun beauty stuff always cheers me up. So this 5 Things is about the stuff I’ve found lately that is just perking up my day!

1. Shrek by OPI nail colors. I am just loving these fun, bright colors! I have Who The Shrek Are You? on my toes and I’m going to do a mani today with What’s With The Catittude?

2. Aromaleigh Victoria’s Revenge Limited Edition Eyeshadows – I was lucky enough to receive samples to review and share with all of you, and boy howdy are they GAWGEOUS! Expect multiple posts soon.

3. The new Badger Balm Lip Tints & Shimmers are so fabulous! These double-ended goodies boast beautiful sheer lip tints with ultra-moisturizing cocoa butter and olive oil. Love them!

4. FLOWERBYKENZO La Cologne is Kenzo’s newest fragrance, a citrus twist on the original FLOWERBYKENZO scent. I like the bitterness of the petitgrain paired with the powdery notes of the original. I’ll be reviewing this in full soon!

5. Fyrinnae’s new Lip Lustre shades are so pretty! I ordered Puppy Love and Ultra Phantom, and of course now I notice there are another FOUR new ones! Gah!! Next order, next order…

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Kenzo Perfumed Beneficial Water Sensual Rice MMM
Body Care, Perfume, Splurge Worthy - Comments (4) - April 22nd, 2010

Kenzo will launch new Perfumed Beneficial Waters later this month, and they are FAB! These are moisturizing mists that contain plant extracts, and a delightful scent corresponding to Kenzo’s body care lines – Sensual Rice MMM, Relaxing Lotus SHH, Energizing Bamboo Splash, and Blissful Ginger Fizz. I’ve been using MMM and I love it!

Sensual Rice MMM contains rice extract and the super-yummy scent of rice steam. It really does have a close resemblance to the wonderful smell my rice cooker makes when I’m doing up jasmine rice! I just love the scent! Every time I wear it, my sister asks “What smells so good? Is that you?” which cracks me up.

The fragrance strength seems really close to an eau de toilette to me, but isn’t quite as long lasting. (Although I’ve tried plenty of EDTs that didn’t wear as long as this!) I am thinking it would layer beautifully with other fragrances, something I intend to experiment with very soon. The plant extracts also mean that this should be good for my skin, a total bonus!

The Waters will be available on Kenzo’s website, and will retail for $45 for 3 oz. It might seem a little pricey at first, but given the staying power of Sensual Rice MMM anyway, I think it’s a pretty good deal. Also, the glass bottle is really pretty and elegant! These are definitely SPLURGE WORTHY!!

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5 Things Spring Perfume Edition
5 Things, Perfume - Comments (1) - April 4th, 2010

It’s finally starting to look like spring around here, despite all the rain we’re having in Portland. I start pulling out all my fruity-floral-girly scents in the springtime, so here’s a list of five that I like.

1. Hidden Fantasy by Britney Spears is a happy, fun fragrance. Lots of citrus and cake to cheer you up when the weather is bad.

2. Kenzo 7:15 AM in Bali is also a citrusy vanilla scent, with more flowers than Hidden Fantasy. It’s super-refreshing and happy.

3. Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger is a great peachy-floral fragrance. Fabulous for springtime.

4. Diesel Fuel For Life for women: Berries and weirdness. One of my favorite perfumes!

5. Wrapped With Love Hilary Duff is definitely a spring scent – its aggressive fruitiness is a bit much for me unless I’m really in the mood.

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5 Things Perfumes I Want
5 Things, Perfume - Comments Off - January 20th, 2010

cb-silolitaA long time ago, Paul & Joe had a perfume called Blanc. I never bought it, but should have. Then it was discontinued and I was very sad. Now, it’s back! In honor of Blanc’s return (and I won’t let it slip through my fingers again!), here are five perfumes I would like to own. Most of them have proven elusive so far.

1. Paul & Joe Blanc. Notes include hawthorn, angelica, almond, and heliotrope. WANT NOW.

2. Si Lolita from Lolita Lempicka. In case you don’t read French, the notes include sweet pea, heliotrope, tonka bean, and bergamot.

3. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Lumiere Noire. All that really limits me from just ordering this is money. I wish I was independently wealthy. Rose, cumin, pimento, patchouli… *sigh*

4. 5:40 pm in Madagascar by Kenzo. Vanilla and the sea. Take me away! (I just have to travel someplace with a good duty-free shop to buy it!)

5. Anything from Andy Tauer. *sigh*

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Kenzo 7:15 AM in Bali Perfume
Perfume - Comments (3) - September 22nd, 2009

cb-baliI happened to be passing through the duty-free shop while killing some time at JFK recently, and what did I find? Perfume! Yippee! I snagged a bottle of Kenzo’s 7:15 am in Bali perfume and I’m loving it!

Produced exclusively for travel retail, the perfume¬† represents the fresh air of early morning on Bali and the beauty of the sunrise. It includes notes of juicy grapefruit, passion fruit, sambac jasmine, orchid, and vanilla. I find the grapefruit very refreshing and the drydown relaxing and soothing. It’s a very friendly fragrance, very approachable and likeable. You probably won’t offend anyone sitting next to you, and it would be good for a work situation, I would think.

It’s a light fragrance. I do wish it had more lasting power, but I definitely enjoy it while it does last. It’s a wonderful reminder of my trip to NYC (okay, it’s not Bali, but still). Now I want to find 5:40 pm in Madagascar!

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