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EOTD: Spring Greens
Eyeshadow - Comments Off - April 4th, 2013

Last month I picked up a new Wet N’ Wild palette which caught my eye. It’s a limited edition palette called Going In The Wild – you can see some great pics and swatches here. I really love these 8 pan Wet N’ Wild palettes, this is the third one I’ve bought… they’re so inexpensive!! I bought this one because I just looooove that mint green color – I’m such a sucker for it! The purples are pretty too, but it was the green that suckered me in. I decided to play with it today, and paired it with a favorite Linnaeus Cosmetics darker green.

The lid color is the mint green from the Going In The Wild palette. Used over Urban Decay Primer Potion, it actually has pretty good color payoff, in my opinion. The crease color is Vex, from Linnaeus Cosmetics. Vex is a shimmering green-turquoise, almost blue depending on the light. I really miss Linnaeus Cosmetics a lot. I really hope they come back again someday, so I can throw some more money at them. The highlight color is Buttercream Bliss, from Persephone Minerals. I used Milani Liquid Eye eyeliner in Aqua.

The blush is Poison, from Detrivore Cosmetics. The lipgloss is Sintillation Lipgelee from MAC.

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EOTD: My Little Pony…
Eyeshadow, Makeup Fun - Comments (6) - February 12th, 2012

My on-going fight with depression continues, which is why the EOTDs have been few and far between around here lately. I’m going to try to remedy that, because actually doing my makeup does make me feel better. But it’s hard to talk myself into making the effort, and then I feel bad, and then I really can’t make the effort… cycle, meet vicious. ANYWAY. I promised myself I wouldn’t let this week’s Toxid-Lotus makeup challenge go by though, and also I don’t want Luna to yell at me. HI LUNA! LOOK, I DID IT!

This week’s theme is My Little Pony. I was a HUGE fan of My Little Pony when I was a kid in the 80′s. I had several. My eye makeup isn’t based on any one pony, but rather just an homage to the bright fun colors.

I put Seedless from Madd Style Cosmetics in the inner corners. Seedless is a bubble gum pink with green glitter and a green duo chrome. Next, I used Linnaeus Cosmetics’ Pollywog in the center of my eyelids. Pollywog is a light aqua with a greenish golden shimmer. The outer corners are Ru Blue, a medium shimmery cobalt blue, also from Linnaeus. I put Linnaeus’ Reef (a shimmery coral color) in the crease. Unicorn Pee, from My Pretty Zombie, is the highlight. I couldn’t NOT use Unicorn Pee, when the theme is My Little Pony, right??

I used Poison blush, from Detrivore Cosmetics. The lipstick is Viva Glam Gaga, from MAC.

Next week’s makeup challenge is Butts. I’m doing Daffodils. So There.

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EOTD: Dragons!
Eyeshadow, Makeup Fun - Comments (3) - February 5th, 2012

It’s been kind of a rough week in Claire-land, so I didn’t really do much makeup. But I was bound and determined to do this week’s Makeup Challenge from Toxid-Lotus, because it was Dragons. And Dragons rock. I decided that my dragons were going to be greenish and bluish and sparkly. So that’s what I did.

I used Electric Stardust from Fyrinnae in the inner corners. Electric Stardust is bright, cheery, shimmery mint green that can change to a lighter aqua depending on the light. The outer corners are Poseidon from Black Rose Minerals. Poseidon is a teal base with a high shimmer finish and turquoise glitter. It’s one of my favorite teal colors. The crease color is Cyranose from Linnaeus Cosmetics. Cyranose is a dark green with a lot of green sparkle. The highlight is Divinity from Persephone Minerals (which is on clearance right now, go buy it!!!). Divinity is a pale, glowing green highlight glistening with sparkles of green, silver, & green-gold. In order to make all this stick, I used Pixie Epoxy as well.

On my cheeks, I applied Morgana Cryptoria’s Mysterious Veil, for a green sheen. A light dusting of Bare Escentuals’ blush in Secret went on top.

The lip color is Ultra Phantom Lip Lustre from Fyrinnae. Ultra Phantom is a sheer aqua sparkle that turns to pink in different light or angles. It’s an awesome color, since it’s sheer so you can go light, or pile it on for an almost frosty look.

Dragons was fun. I kind of want to do a red-orange-green dragons look too. Maybe next week.

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Best of 2011
Best Of - Comments Off - January 7th, 2012

2011 was an interesting year. I stopped buying a lot of corporate cosmetics and started buying a lot of indie cosmetics, which was really satisfying. I didn’t buy as much perfume as I have in the past, but what I did buy I really love. One the minus side, some of the companies I reviewed have closed, but on the plus side others have thrived. Overall, it was a pretty good year for beauty.

I found a lot of products to love this year, so my list is kind of all over the place. Here are my picks for Best of 2011.

Best New Eyeshadow Color: This one is easy. It’s THEO! The lovely Rosa at Black Rose Minerals created Theo for me, a color inspired by my kitty’s fur and green eyes. It’s like taupe with a bonus.

Best Eyeshadow Collection: By collection, I mean a group of colors meant to go together. This is a tie, between Linnaeus Cosmetics’ Echidna and Ruby Throated Hummingbird collections. The Echidna colors are wonderful neutrals, and the Ruby Throated Hummingbird has bright, VERY sparkly colors. I love them both.

Best New Lip Color: My favorite this year is Morgana Cryptoria’s Hibiscus Lip Balm. Last I heard, the lip balms were probably going away, but I bought this same shade in the Lip Gloss formula. Whatever formula it’s in, I hope the shade remains permanently! It’s the best baby pink I’ve found.

Best Eyeshadow Name: Nutella Whore from RockABetty Beauty. I was there when the name originated, so it’s fun being “in” on the joke. Also? It’s a great sparkly brown.

Best Product I Still Can’t Live Without: Urban Decay Primer Potion. I still haven’t found anything that works as well for me and my crazy-oily eyelids. Without Primer Potion, wearing eyeshadow would be impossible.

Best New Mascara: I love Maybelline’s Volum’Express One By One mascara. It’s the perfect combination of volume and separation in one tube.

Best Face Care Product: Annmarie Gianni Skincare’s Herbal Facial Oil for Oily/Acne Skin is amazing and splurgeworthy. I love how my skin looks when I use this regularly.

Best High End Perfume: I try a whole lot of high end perfume this year, so it’s pretty easy to give this to Balenciaga Paris. I love how sophisticated and interesting it smells.

Best Cheap Thrills Perfume: All of One Hand Washes The Other’s Solid Scents in the Private Stock collection. At a mere $4 each, they’re like Pokemon – gotta catch ‘em all!

Best Body Care Product: Aveda’s Composition oils are probably my favorite body care product I discovered this year. I have the Energizing, Calming, and Men Pure-Formance varieties, and they are all equally wonderful. They are wonderfully versatile: apply to your scalp and leave overnight for a deep treatment, apply to your skin after your shower for a body oil, add a little to your bath water for a lovely aroma… I primarily use them as an after-shower moisturizer and love them.

Overall, 2011 was a pretty good year for beauty shopping! What are your favorite products that you discovered last year?

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My Top Ten Favorite Indie Beauty Companies
Best Of, Makeup Fun, Shopping - Comments Off - December 3rd, 2011

A while back, Luna from Toxid Lotus tagged me to list my top ten favorite indie beauty companies. I’ve been very lazy about doing it, so today, I bring you MY top ten favorite indie beauty companies. These are in no particular order…

1. Linnaeus Cosmetics. The lovely Miss Marin is wonderful and awesome and her eyeshadows are just the bees knees. These are colors I reach for again and again. Her customer service is amazing and I can’t wait for her to open again in 2012.

2. Black Rose Minerals. So many of Rosa’s colors are also staples for me, like Skink and Minky. She also made Theo for me, my dream taupe-y color with a green duochrome. She has a great selection of colors!

3. One Hand Washes The Other makes Black Magic Soap, which will save your face from evil. Becca also makes some of my now favorite scents to wear, like Pasticceria and Victuals. You NEED to check out her solid scents if you haven’t already!

4. My Pretty Zombie makes some of the most creative colors I have – like Thunderpants, Unicorn Pee, and the whole Animal Husbandry set. I love her duochromes, and the owner is a sweetheart. She has awesome customer service.

5. Detrivore Cosmetics makes the Best Blush Ever. No, really. Poison, Thing, and Clotted are colors I reach for ALL THE TIME. In fact, I’ve had to make myself reach for others just so I use them up. As if that wasn’t enough, Distorria also makes beautiful eyeshadows (Lobotomy, Cremains…) and now she has good smelling things too!

6. Meow Cosmetics has been a favorite mine for a long, long time. I have so many eyeshadow colors from them, and they are all beautiful. They also make excellent blushes and I really love the crystalline glow powders. They have sales and free shipping quite often, so it’s worth it to get on their mailing list so you get the notices!

7. Silk Naturals is a new favorite. Everything I’ve tried has been excellent, from blushes to eyeshadows to my favorite, the Kisser Slicker Lipgloss Sticks.

8. Fyrinnae. Yes, I know, half the time you want to shop they’re not there and that’s frustrating. BUT! Pixie Epoxy is a holy grail item for me, and I love their Lip Lustres and eyeshadow, so they’re on my top ten list.

9. Brazen Cosmetics makes some of my favorites lip glosses EVER! I also really like their eyeshadow, and I want to try some of the face powders too, like the night time formula.

10. Hmm. I don’t have a tenth right now.

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EOTD: Go Go Linnaeus!
Eyeshadow, Shopping - Comments Off - November 26th, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics has reopened for the weekend to have a sale! Marin has been very busy with school, but this weekend (and this weekend only!) you can get full size Linnaeus Cosmetics’ 5 gram shadows for $4! I had to use some LC eyeshadows today to celebrate. I’m wearing Go Go Flamingo and Truculent today.

Go Go Flamingo is a shimmery light pink. It’s one of my favorite baby pinks around, and has a lovely blendable texture. Truculent is a dark lavender with pink glitter. It’s super pretty! I used Crimson Ghost from Fyrinnae to highlight.

I’m wearing Bokeh Face Lotus blush mixed with Present from Meow Cosmetics. The lipstick is Style Curve from MAC.

I published this and then almost forgot! I wanted to start adding Perfume of the Day to these posts because I don’t talk about perfume as much as I’d like. So… today’s perfume is Pasticceria from One Hand Washes The Other. Pasticceria has notes of marzipan, hazelnut, almonds, vanilla, cakes, assorted pastries, frosting, and pure sugar.

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EOTD: Sparkly Green
Eyeshadow - Comments Off - November 15th, 2011

This is actually from Saturday, as I decided to get prettied up before we went to run errands. I look very Christmas-y although that totally wasn’t my intention. I used Cyranose and Pollywog from Linnaeus Cosmetics for lots of green sparkly fun.

Cyranose is a dark green with a lot of green sparkle. Be sure to use a sticky base with this color for best glitter adhesion. It is magnificently sparkly. Pollywog is a pale aqua-green color with a gold sheen to it. I used Detrivore’s Lobotomy to highlight.

Because it goes well with greens, I’m wearing Detrivore Cosmetics’ blush in Thing. Detrivore Cosmetics is still having a 3 for $10 sale on blushes and 10 for $20 sale on eyeshadow, through 11/20!

Be sure to subscribe to Linnaeus Cosmetics’ blog as well, so you’ll hear about her Black Friday stuff!

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EOTD: Purple and Brown
Eyeshadow - Comments (2) - November 13th, 2011

I haven’t used any of my J. Lynne Cosmetics colors in a long time, so today I grabbed Mist to play with. I decided to use Anomaly from Linnaeus Cosmetics for something different. I think the purple and brown look kind of nice together!

Mist is a very sparkly lilac color. Anomaly is a dark burnt umber sparkly color. I used a silvery white to highlight and a lilac colored eye pencil as well. I’m wearing J. Lynne Cosmetics’ Samba blush, as well.

For the last two (I think) years J. Lynne Cosmetics has released additional colors for the holidays – I hope she does this year too! Linnaeus Cosmetics is also planning on re-opening Thanksgiving weekend.

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