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Lush Imogen Rose Perfume
Perfume - Comments (4) - April 17th, 2011

I just realized I’ve had this perfume for a month or so and haven’t written a word about it! Bad Claire! The perfume in question is Lush’s Imogen Rose, and it’s fabulous.

Imogen Rose is (naturally) a rose perfume. It contains rose oil and rose absolute, along with a powdery accord and vetiver. I’ve mentioned before how I love rose fragrances. They are the epitome of romance for me, reminding me of the days when I was dating my husband and falling in love, because I used to wear Tea Rose all the time. (Sappy? Yes. True? Also yes.) GOOD rose perfumes are harder to find. With all that rose oil and rose absolute, Imogen Rose is indeed a GOOD rose perfume.

The perfume has a fresh opening, probably courtesy of the bergamot, but also has the rose. It dries down to a sweet (but not too sweet) ambery fragrance on me, but the roses are still there. Like Tuca Tuca, this is a mist-and-walk-through fragrance. It’s powerful stuff.

If you love rich rose perfumes, try Imogen Rose. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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Lush King of Skin & Too Drunk
Body Care, Get Local - Comments (1) - December 8th, 2010

I visited Lush recently with a super-bad head cold, and was very happy to receive a tip about their Emotibombs. Specifically, the lovely young man showed me how awesome Too Drunk is for soothing a stuffy nose – it’s like WHOOSH! and all the mint and fennel clears your head. I promptly added one to my purchase, and I think I need to go back for a few more to get me through the rest of the holiday season. I love this one!

I also bought a King of Skin body butter after the nice young woman in the shop demoed it for me on my arm. Lush’s body butters are sort of a solid lotion bar that you use in the shower. I’ve used Buffy before and loved its fabulous scrubbiness, but I haven’t tried a non-scrubby body butter before. King of Skin has cocoa and shea butters, bananas, oatmeal, and avocados. You smooth it onto your skin, rinse a little bit, and voila! Super soft, really good scented skin. My itchy legs love it.

If you live in the Portland area, do visit the Lush on NW 23rd ave. The staff is always really nice and their new store is just beautiful.

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Lush Tuca Tuca Perfume
Perfume, Reviews - Comments (5) - September 23rd, 2010

Lush Tuca TucaI popped in to Lush the other day to check out what’s new, and was captivated by the newest fragrance Tuca Tuca. Whoa! It’s great!

This is the first spray perfume from Lush that I’ve tried. I am quite fond of the old Silky Underwear solid perfume, but it was a little difficult to apply. The new Tuca Tuca comes in two sizes, a 1 fl. oz. bottle for $29.95 and a 0.3 fl. oz. portable sprayer for $10.95. I bought the smaller size, just to try it out, and because the fragrance is REALLY strong. A little goes a long way! I actually kind of wish this one was a roll-on, because it would be easier to dab it on. There is a massage bar in this fragrance as well, which I’ll definitely get when I use up the one I have.

The notes are violet, cassie absolute, vanilla, ylang ylang, violet leaf, and vetiver. At first spray, I get a lot of fruit, and Jacob swore it smelled like raspberries. Then it starts getting spicy, with the ylang and violets kicking in. The drydown remains sweet, but also a little smokey from the vetiver and overall the violets stick around. I LOVE LOVE LOVE violet scents, and this is the first one that Jacob likes too.

Tuca Tuca has great staying power. I can still smell the fragrance on my skin hours later, and it has good sillage too. Overall, I give this one two enthuasiastic thumbs up, and I can’t wait to try the other new perfumes Lush is coming out with!

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New Luscious Lush Products!
Body Care, Earth Friendly, Shopping - Comments (1) - July 13th, 2010

I love it when Lush releases new products! There’s always SOMETHING I just have to have, and this new batch of products is no exception. Check it out!

First we have the Brimstone scrub, a new square-shaped solid scrub bar for use in the shower. Brimstone contains sulpher (to exfoliate and soften skin), as well as hemp oil and kaolin. It’s scented with jasmine and lemongrass, which sounds utterly fascinating. I’m intrigued…

The Glorious Mud scrub I suspect is going to be a MUST-HAVE because it has the same scent as my beloved Creme Anglaise. It also has aloe and sesame oil and rhassoul mud. Me want!

Lush’s newest shower gel is Grass, and I want some! Grass contains fresh wheatgrass juice to nourish the skin, and is scented with bergamot and sandalwood. I can’t wait to give it a sniff, since I’m sure I’ll love it.

Which new Lush product is on YOUR list?

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Lush Creme Anglaise Body Cream
Body Care, Splurge Worthy - Comments (2) - April 16th, 2010

Lush, Lush, you’ve been VERY bad lately! Very bad! Their newest lotion is AMAZING and I just had to have a jar. But it’s criminally expensive!

Lush’s newest cream is Creme Anglaise, a rich, thick, amazingly delightful smelling product that I fell in love with the minute I spread some on my skin. The nice shop guy was stocking the display and hadn’t had a chance to put the price sign up yet… it’s a good thing, because if he had, I might have thought twice about impulsively grabbing a jar!

Creme Anglaise contains almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, a saffron infusion and myrrh and vanilla. The scent… is fantastic!! If they bottled it and sold it as perfume, I’d probably buy a bottle. It’s a bit anise-y and vanilla-y and spicy… so good! It’s rich but not greasy and sinks right into my skin.

But the price…! It’s $44.95 A JAR! Egads! I have never paid that much for an 8 oz. container of body lotion before. I’ve paid that much for face care, true… so I guess really I just need to get over it. But I was still pretty shocked when I got my total at the register, but decided to just hand over my credit card anyway. The cream is amazing, I’ll savor it every time I slather it on and smell amazing for hours (the scent sticks around). It gets two thumbs up for fabulousness but only one thumb for price. It’s definitely splurge-worthy in my opinion though.

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Lush Dark Angels Cleanser
Complexion, Skin Care - Comments Off - March 19th, 2010

When I saw Lush Dark Angels Cleanser in the last Lush Times, I was intrigued. Rhassoul clay? Charcoal? Hmmm… It sounded like a good treatment for smoothing and softening my oilier skin, and I was right! Lush Dark Angels, FOR THE WIN!

The cleanser/scrub is one of Lush’s products that are sold “deli-style,” by the pound. You can have a shop associate cut you some off the loaf it comes in, or just snag one of their plastic containers with a pre-weighed amount. I’m lazy, so this is what I did.

It contains Rhassoul mud and charcoal powder to absorb excess oil, sugar to scrub, and glycerine and avocado oil to moisturize. It also has sandalwood and rosewood essential oils, which are supposed to soothe the skin (and they also make it smell good!).

It is a bit messy, since you scoop/pinch up some out of the container to use (and I end up getting crumbs on the counter). You’ll want to mix it with a bit of water in your hand until it’s pasty enough to be spread on your face. Spread, rub, rinse! My skin is left with a bit of a glow and my sink is left with quite a bit of black residue… tradeoffs, tradeoffs.

Overall, I like this product a lot. The benefits outweight the little nuisances involved with using the product, and I like how my skin looks and feels after use. Two thumbs up!

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Lush Coco Lotion & Oatfix Fresh Face Mask
Body Care, Skin Care - Comments Off - March 13th, 2010

I love Lush lotions, especially Sympathy For The Skin, which is still my favorite. Lush recently introduced Coco Lotion, a coconut and pineapple concoction with no added fragrances. How does it measure up?

Coco Lotion has a lighter texture than Sympathy, but doesn’t feel less moisturizing. Coconut oil is pretty emollient, but definitely feels lighter on the skin than butters like cocoa and shea. It sinks in pretty quickly and feels good. It doesn’t have an all-day moisturizing effect like a heavier cream, but it still gets the job done.

The only thing I don’t like is the lack of scent. When I bought it, my nose was quite stuffed up from allergies. I assumed I couldn’t smell anything from the tester because my nose was stuffy… that’ll teach me to read labels more closely. It clearly says it has no added fragrance on the packaging. So I can’t really complain about the lack of scent, since that’s intrinsic to the product. If you love Lush but want something outside of their normally very scented products, Coco Lotion is for you.

Oatfix is a new Fresh Face Mask, the fresh treatments for your face that can only be bought in store. It has bananas, vanilla, and oats, and is supposed to clean, soften, and moisturize the skin. Technically it’s for dry and sensitive skin, which I am not, but I really love stuff with oatmeal in it for my face. (I’m a HUGE fan of Collective Wellbeing’s Cleansing Paste with oatmeal and raspberry.) It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling super-soft and clean. This is a mask I will definitely be buying again!!

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Lush Ghost Shower Gel & Other Stuff
Body Care, Shopping - Comments Off - October 26th, 2009

cb-ghostEveryone needs to check out Lush’s Ghost Shower Gel, a floral treat that only makes an appearance around Halloween. It’s a limited edition, so check it out before it disappears!

Lush introduced Ghost in 2007, but I didn’t actually buy it until this year. It’s made with dove orchid and rose infusion, and smells like lilies. Actually, it has the same scent as Lily Savon, a delightful soap that has since disappeared. I never did get around to reviewing Lily Savon, but needless to say, it had a great scent. If you snag a bottle of Ghost, you’ll know what I mean. What I love most about Lush’s shower gels is the fact that most of them will double as shampoo – and then your hair smells good all day long!

Lush has also brought out some new soap, namely Vanilla in the Mist and Noubar. Vanilla in the Mist is a vanilla soap (duh!) but is also apparently scented with “a dash of coconut and tonka.” Me want!! Noubar is a scrubby pistachio soap, with the scent of rose, coffee, and vetiver. You can believe I’ll be calling my local shop to see if they have these in!

I love new Lush products!

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