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EOTD: Dragons!
Eyeshadow, Makeup Fun - Comments (3) - February 5th, 2012

It’s been kind of a rough week in Claire-land, so I didn’t really do much makeup. But I was bound and determined to do this week’s Makeup Challenge from Toxid-Lotus, because it was Dragons. And Dragons rock. I decided that my dragons were going to be greenish and bluish and sparkly. So that’s what I did.

I used Electric Stardust from Fyrinnae in the inner corners. Electric Stardust is bright, cheery, shimmery mint green that can change to a lighter aqua depending on the light. The outer corners are Poseidon from Black Rose Minerals. Poseidon is a teal base with a high shimmer finish and turquoise glitter. It’s one of my favorite teal colors. The crease color is Cyranose from Linnaeus Cosmetics. Cyranose is a dark green with a lot of green sparkle. The highlight is Divinity from Persephone Minerals (which is on clearance right now, go buy it!!!). Divinity is a pale, glowing green highlight glistening with sparkles of green, silver, & green-gold. In order to make all this stick, I used Pixie Epoxy as well.

On my cheeks, I applied Morgana Cryptoria’s Mysterious Veil, for a green sheen. A light dusting of Bare Escentuals’ blush in Secret went on top.

The lip color is Ultra Phantom Lip Lustre from Fyrinnae. Ultra Phantom is a sheer aqua sparkle that turns to pink in different light or angles. It’s an awesome color, since it’s sheer so you can go light, or pile it on for an almost frosty look.

Dragons was fun. I kind of want to do a red-orange-green dragons look too. Maybe next week.

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EOTD: Buttercream Sorbet
Best Of, Eyeshadow - Comments Off - January 19th, 2012

I ordered a new color in my last Persephone Minerals order: Blood Orange Sorbet. It’s FABULOUS! I don’t often fall in love with orange colors, but this one is super-pretty. I also ordered full sizes of Buttercream Bliss and Peppermint Mocha, and Divinity. I wasn’t really thinking about it when I ordered, but these all look really nice together too. Coordinated sets FTW!

Today I put Buttercream Bliss in the inner corners, and also under the browbone. Buttercream Bliss is a super-fab cream color with gold sparkle, and I swear it has a touch of pink duochrome. I used Blood Orange Sorbet in the outer corners. This one is described as bright orange with a slight red overcast & orange crystalina glitters. Srsly. This could be my new favorite orange color. The crease is Mars Crystal Power, duochrome shift from bright red to gold, with pink and gold sparkle. If you don’t have this color… you must be ordering it! The brown eyeliner is a Sephora pencil.

The blush is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Petticoat (it was limited edition). The lipgloss is L’Occitane Grenade (also limited edition).

I haven’t been doing my makeup as often lately, boo. Wintertime is hard for beating back the depression, so some days it’s a struggle to be motivated to do anything. But usually playing with makeup cheers me up, so I’m trying to get back into the habit of doing my makeup and blogging it. I think I did good today. *smile*

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EOTD: Restless Kraken
Eyeshadow - Comments (1) - January 12th, 2012

I’ve been wearing too much brown lately, so today I decided I needed to try out some new blues. I ordered Kraken from Detrivore Cosmetics, and got Restless as a free sample. They are both really excellent blue shades!

I have to admit, I ordered Kraken for the name as much as for the color. Who can resist something named after a giant mythical octopus?? Kraken the color is a deep blue-teal shade. It’s quite pretty, I can see myself wearing it a lot. Restless is a light blue eye shadow, and it has a really pretty satin-y finish. I don’t think I actually have a blue similar to this, so I’m really digging the shade. It’s a nice icy blue. I used Divinity from Persephone Minerals to highlight, since the greenish tint goes perfectly with Kraken.

The blush is Cargo’s BeachBlush in Sunset Beach. It’s a nice, soft pink color with just a touch of bronze to warm things up. I’m wearing Brazen Cosmetics’ Epiphany gloss, the pretty clear gloss with purple sparks.

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EOTD: Icarus & Cinnamon
Complexion, Eyeshadow - Comments Off - January 8th, 2012

Today I felt like doing something to remind me of sunshine (of which we are actually getting a little in Portland today) so I used some yellow and orange colors. Black Rose Minerals has some really nice ones, and I used a sparkly color from J. Lynne Cosmetics.

In the inner corners I used Icarus from Black Rose Minerals. Icarus is an egg-like yellow, pale but pretty. On the outer corners I used Helios, a bright orange color. The crease color is Cinnamon from J. Lynne Cosmetics. Cinnamon is a warm bronze with copper tones and golden sparks. It looks really pretty with Helios! The highlight color is Divinity from Persephone Minerals.

I’m wearing Heavenly Glow from Silk Naturals as blush. This is a really pretty color! Heavenly is a very pretty peach color with hints of gold sparkle, and is a dupe for MAC’s Stereo Rose Mineralize Skin Finish. I have never tried Stereo Rose, but I love Heavenly! I’m wearing Brazen’s Lip Gloss in Dharma.

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EOTD: Persephone Rocks!
Eyeshadow - Comments Off - December 3rd, 2011

I ordered a bunch of samples from Persephone Minerals recently, and they arrived super-fast! I’m so excited to play with their holiday colors. Despite basically being a total grinch, I love holiday-themed collections. Persephone added holiday colors to their Sultry Sweet shades collection, and I ordered several! Today I used Buttermint and Peppermint Mocha!

Buttermint is a pale, glowing yellow highlight glistening with sparkles of bright yellow & duotone sparkles of red-yellow. Peppermint Mocha is a deep, decadent mocha with nice topping of green & red peppermint shimmer. I used Pixie Epoxy to help the sparkles stick on really well. Buttermint is really vibrant, and I just love how rich Peppermint Mocha is. Now I want one to drink! I used Detrivore Cosmetics’ Lobotomy to highlight.

I’m wearing MAC Mineralize Skinfish in Petticoat on my cheeks and L’Occitane lipstick in Brun Passementerie. I wish L’Occitane made lipsticks as a regular item – I’ve loved every single one I’ve purchased, but they’re always limited edition.

Today’s Scent of The Day is Be Enchanted from Bath & Body Works. It’s got notes of citrus, pomegranate, berries, passionfruit, honeysuckle, sugared violet, Asian pear whipped vanilla, creamy musk, and sandalwood.

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EOTD: Baklavah Woodlands
Eyeshadow - Comments Off - November 20th, 2011

I’m expecting Meow Cosmetics to put up their Holiday shop any day now, so I decided to use some colors from years past. Woodlands is from the Glacial Grove collection and Peace On Earth was new last year. I can’t wait to see what they do this year! I love Meow’s holiday collections, I think they are my favorite out of all they offer.

Woodlands is a deep cocoa with rose iridescent undertones and pink and silver shimmering sparkle. It’s brown++, basically. It’s a very pretty color that blends nicely with other colors. I put Peace On Earth, a creamy warm french vanilla with a soft rosy glow, in the inner corners. Baklavah from Persephone Minerals is in the outer corners. Baklavah is a soft gold color with gold sparks. It’s so pretty! It is much sparklier than the first two, but it blends well.

I have Nars blush in Oasis on my cheeks. This is one of my favorite non-indie blushes. I’d love to see an indie version though! I’m wearing L’Oreal Infallible Plumping Gloss in Plumped Brown.

Whose holiday collection are you most excited for?

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EOTD: Rampid Strawberry
Eyeshadow - Comments (2) - November 19th, 2011

I wanted to play with pink today, so I grabbed Rampid and Strawberry Cream Dream from Persephone Minerals. I haven’t used Rampid before, so it was fun trying it out. It’s very pink, but it matches my hair, lol.

Rampid is a hot pink almost fuchsia color with pink & purple sparkle. I love how bright it is! Strawberry Cream Dream (which I put in the outer part of the lid) is one of my favorite of favorite soft creamy pink colors. It has a nice shimmer too! I used Eros from Black Rose Minerals on the inner corners. Eros is a pearl pink color.

I used Larenim Blush in Forbidden Flush on my cheeks. Lips are MAC Petals & Peacocks. Funny how bright, bright lipstick doesn’t look as crazy when your hair is crazy.

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EOTD: Buttercream Baklavah
Eyeshadow - Comments (1) - September 11th, 2011

I ordered samples of Buttercream Bliss and Baklavah from Persephone Minerals and decided to wear them together. They look awesome!! I think they’re both must-have colors if you want some more neutral shades that are anything but boring.

Baklavah is a creamy golden color with gold sparks. Buttercream Bliss has an almost pink-ish duochrome, and is a buttery cream color with gold sparks. Together, they look awesome!! The picture is not doing the awesome duochrome of Buttercream Bliss justice! The highlight is Detrivore’s Lobotomy. I used a taupe eye pencil but I think brown would have been better.

Cheeks are Evil Shades’ Ceylon and I’m wearing MAC lipstick in Ever Hip.

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