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Eyeshadow - Comments (1) - May 18th, 2012

I wanted to play with LSD, which has become one of my favorite colors from My Pretty Zombie. But I wanted to keep things more subtle, so I picked a pale pink color to go with it. Dot from Black Rose Minerals fit the bill perfectly.

LSD is a muted gray plum with a groovy red to gold shift. It’s kind of hard to describe, really, but needless to say it looks AWESOME on. Dot is a delicate pale pink color with sparkle. I used Pixie Epoxy to keep all the sparkles in place. The highlight is Ice Princess from Pumpkin & Poppy. The eyeliner is a limited edition color from L’Oreal HiP – it’s a burgundy-purple color.

The blush is Bloodbath from Detrivore Cosmetics. It looks scary dark in the jar but lovely on the skin. Just use a crumb for best results! The lip color is Pomegranate Crush Lip & Cheek Stain from Stila.

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EOTD: She Juiced
Eyeshadow - Comments (2) - May 13th, 2012

The weather has been amazing in Portland this week, so I decided to do some fun “summer” kinds of things with my makeup. This was today’s effort, involving two of my favorite colors from Silk Naturals and an awesome hot pink.

The pale gold color is Juiced, from Silk Naturals. Juiced is a pale gold with suede pearl finish, and a fair amount of gold glimmer. I used a sticky base for maximum glimmer adhesion. Heat is a deep coppery orange tone with a silky pearl finish. I put Heat in the outer corners. The hot pink color is She Bop from Madd Style Cosmetics. She Bop is a bright, deep pink color with a silvery shimmer and aqua glitter. The highlight is Kingslayer from Geek Chic Cosmetics. The eyeliner on the upper lashline is Milani’s Infinite Liquid Liner in Forever. The lower lashline is a taupe eye pencil (it’s a discontinued color).

I mixed my Lush Colour Supplement with moisturizer today rather than my usual mineral foundation. I did brush on some mattifying powder on top though. The blush is Orchid Convertible Color from Stila – which they don’t seem to carry anymore. It’s a deep plum kind of color.

The lip gloss is Gloss Pur from Yves Saint Laurent and is 04 Pure Raspberry. I don’t wear it nearly enough, it’s a fun color for summer.

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EOTD: Purple Sunday
Eyeshadow - Comments (3) - April 12th, 2012

It was another beer date! LOL. This seems to be the hip thing to do on a Sunday around here. I’m wearing purple and blue from Madd Style Cosmetics, highlighted with a bit of gold.

The lid color is Illuminati. Illuminati is a silvery purple with green iridescence and blue glitter. The green isn’t very pronounced, especially if you don’t pair it with green. The crease color is Foux Du Fafa, a cornflower blue with lots of copper and gold glitz. I love the glitters in this one – use a sticky base so they really stay on! The highlight is Lobotomy, from Detrivore Cosmetics. The eyeliner is L’Oreal HiP Eyeliner in Violet Volt.

On my cheeks I have Poison blush, also from Detrivore. I love this light pink color. I brushed a sparkly powder from Stila on top for extra fun. The lip color is Sugar Kisser Slicker from Silk Naturals.

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EOTD: Sphinx Widow
Eyeshadow - Comments (2) - November 10th, 2011

Copper and purple are fun colors to wear together, and I decided to up the fun factor by putting them over a hot pink base. I used Sphinx and Widow, two new colors from Detrivore Cosmetics, as well as Pink Prysm Spectrum Pot from Evil Shades.

First, I put down a thin layer of Urban Decay Primer Potion. Next, I patted Pink Prysm all over the lid, just up into the crease, but trying to avoid going much higher than that. Pink Prysm is a hot carnation pink with silver shimmer. The Spectrum Pots are a wax based pigmented eye color. They’re probably too sheer to wear alone, but make an excellent, slightly sticky, base for other colors. Pink Prysm is going to bring out the reddish undertones of anything you put on top of it. Sphinx is a satin copper eye shadow with gold sparkle. On it’s own it’s a lovely copper, and over Pink Prysm, it’s more reddish. I like it both ways! Widow is dark red satin eye shadow, like red wine color. Not purple, more of a burgundy. I really loved it over Pink Prysm, it brought out the red tones even more.

I’m wearing Silk Naturals’ blush in Tart Light, and Stila Lip Stain in Pomegranate Crush.

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EOTD: Cheshire Cat?
Eyeshadow, Makeup Fun - Comments (4) - October 30th, 2011

I was playing around today with colors, and while at first I thought I’d only managed to produce a hot mess… I think it turned out okay actually. I wanted to do something with Detrivore’s Dissipate, because I haven’t used that color a lot (and I’m trying to “shop my stash”). I also thought it would be fun to use Black Rose Minerals’ Coma Black because it’s a blackened purple color. It kind of went a little nuts from there!

Dissipate is a deep rose eyeshadow with pink shimmer. It is really, really pretty. I used Dissipate on the lid, and above the crease color. Coma Black is dark, dark violet color. I used it in the crease. I put mNg No. 1 from My Pretty Zombie in the inner corners, and Detrivore’s Lobotomy to highlight.

When I was finished, it reminded me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland (the Disney version). Once I did the rest of my face it looked a little more pulled together. I used Stila’s Convertible Color in Orchid on my cheeks and I’m wearing MAC lipstick in Aristocat. My sister lent me her cat ears (I need to get my own pair) to complete the look.

Now, some pimpin’ for my favorite ladies! Detrivore Cosmetics started a kickass sale today – 10 for $20 eyeshadow and 3 for $10 blush! You need to go buy some blush RIGHT NOW!! I wear Poison, Thing, and Clotted ALL TIME TIME. Get some eyeshadow while you’re at it. Cremains rocks my socks regularly.

Speaking of MPZ, they are having an EPIC GIVEAWAY to celebrate getting 1000 fans on Facebook. Go check it out!

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Stila Kitten Lip Glaze
Best Of, Hot Lips, Splurge Worthy - Comments Off - January 25th, 2011

I’ve never been a fully devoted member of the Cult of Kitten. It’s purportedly Stila’s most popular eyeshadow shade, but I found it overly shimmery and the formula really soft. Also, it shattered much too easily. Meh. I got a small size tube of Stila’s Kitten Lip Glaze in a holiday set recently, and I wholeheartedly embrace the Kitten mystique as a lip gloss. I love it!

The full size Kitten Lip Glaze is $22, which I have always found a little steep. However, you can often find it in a set (especially during the holidays, like I did) or during some kind of sale.

The color is awesome. It really is this perfect golden-y champagne-y pinky color that looks so flattering on the lips. It’s a little hard to photograph, but I did manage to get a decent shot swatched on my hand. It’s sheer, but will give you some color on your lips when you want something subtle. It has a little sparkle, but not a crazy amount. Stila’s lip glazes are a nice formula, not a lot of scent/taste, not too sticky, but enough that they wear pretty well for a gloss.

Everyone needs some Kitten in their life. Two thumbs up!

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Stila Yumberry Crush
Hot Lips - Comments Off - February 10th, 2010

cb-stainsI love lipstains. LOVE ‘EM. I don’t really like having to reapply my lip stuff multiple times a day, and lipstains give multi-hour color without having to reapply. I usually put lip balm on top of them, since they do leave your lips a little dry feeling. Stila lipstains are especially nice – I already have Pomegranate Crush and wear it a lot. So it was with no small measure of excitement that I looked forward to trying out Yumberry Crush, their newest lipstain. In the picture, my tube of Pomegranate Crush is smaller because it came from a gift set – just FYI.

cb-yumlipsYumberry Crush is a sheer pink color, and contains yumberry extract, which is rich in antioxidants. Unlike Cherry Crush or Pomegranate Crush, Yumberry Crush has some shimmer in it as well, which is really pretty. (Stila calls it “sheer pink pearl.”) Unlike so many pink lipstain colors, Yumberry Crush stays a sweet, innocent pink on my lips, instead of turning into a bright, obnoxious pink. Loves it!

I haven’t tried it as a cheekstain yet. If anyone else has, do share in the comments!

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Stila Charmed Eyeshadow Palette
Cheap Thrills, Eyeshadow - Comments Off - July 4th, 2009

Stila CharmedThanks to @stilacosmetics on Twitter, I got in on a super-bargain steal: The Charmed Palette for only $10 at! That’s right, this beautiful darling ($28 value) was selling at Sephora for a mere $10 and I snatched one up! It’s listed as out of stock now, so who knows if Sephora will get more at that price – but I’d pay full price now that I know how AWESOME it is!

What’s the scoop? The palette has four colors:  intense teal blue with green and gold shimmer, mid tone copper with gold shimmer, warm gold with gold shimmer, and deep burgundy with black and red shimmer. All four shadows are infused with genuine 24kt gold! The colors are the usual excellent Stila quality with great pigmentation and lasting power.

So far I’ve used the burgundy color with Global Goddess I~Divine Eye Shadow in Aishwarya, a deep brownish-plum with golden sparkle. (I got Aishwarya in Beautyfix 2.) The two combined to make a lovely purple-y smokey eye, super-fab! I’ve also used the teal blue, which is also fabulous. At some point soon, I’ll use the gold and copper together, or maybe the gold and teal… All the colors work really well together, so you can play with them to your heart’s content!

I really *heart* Stila eyeshadows, so this palette was a good choice. Two Thumbs Up!

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